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Post Nasal Drip and Chronic Cough

Many people have difficulty with a watery, runny nose or post nasal drip. Patients often also have nasal congestion, congestion in the morning, chronic cough, or frequent throat clearing. They can also experience nasal itching, sneezing, or difficulty sleep. This can all be attributed to a problem called Chronic Rhinitis.


Chronic rhinitis is frequent inflammation of the nose with symptoms such as a runny nose, nasal congestion and post-nasal drip (mucus in the throat). Out-of-balance nasal nerves may play a role. When these nerves become hyperactive or out of balance, they send more signals than are necessary causing the nasal linings to become inflamed (congestion) and mucus production will increase (runny nose), causing these annoying symptoms – even when you aren’t sick.

Medical treatments for chronic rhinitis, like nasal sprays, drops, pills and allergy shots, help manage frequent runny nose, congestion and post-nasal-drip symptoms. If treatments such as nasal sprays, drops and pills are not working for you, or you are looking for a solution that lasts longer without the side effects of medications it’s time to try ClariFix®.


Using cold treatment called ‘cryotherapy’, the ClariFix® device goes to the root of the problem: the inflamed nasal lining and underlying nerves that are causing your symptoms. During the treatment, the ClariFix® device delivers cold temperatures to the out of balance nerves in the back of the nose, stopping the source of your symptoms for lasting relief.

Enjoy Life Without Tissues

After receiving ClariFix® cryotherapy, patients report a reduction in runny & stuffy nose symptoms.

Available In-Office

Treatment can typically be done in a doctor’s office with local anesthesia.

Minimal Downtime

Most patients return to normal activity the same day with minimal post-treatment care.

Post Nasal Drip and Chronic Cough: Our Services
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